Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fitness inspirations.. ♥

What makes a woman truly irresistible and desirable contains two components 70% her inner beauty and 30% how she presents her physical assets. Dont be afraid to be really who you are. Just be yourself! Dont let anyone let you down.Whatever your physical assets are, play them up.

Im much inspired by Kim Kardashian's body. Woohh.. I know you are, too? :D She's just a role model for me when it comes to being fit. She's not that model type body, but she shows her curves.. She's not letting anyone to put her down when it comnes to her body. :D Curvy is SEXY.. That's for sure.

Honestly speaking, im not happy with my body now. Theres nothing easy about being fit and healthy. But to look and feel best on reaching my goal to be back in shape, Im watching everything i eat now and exercise regularly.

Well ofcourse, if you want to be in that shape of your life.. YOU MUST WORK HARD FOR IT!!!



  1. She is looking damn good...

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